Type of project: international, interchange, methodical, social, research work.                        

       Goal: organization of co-education and upbringing of students with different starting possibilities on the basis of realizing inclusive education principles, such as principles of individual approach, supporting of independent students’ activities, active inclusion of all participants in educational process, intersubject approach, variation in organizing a process of education and upbringing, partners’ interrelation with a family, dynamic development of educational model of educational institution.


         - creating for everybody a comfortable space and social environment promoting a harmonious development of a person;

         - forming a tolerant association of students, parents and social environment;

         - creating in the college a pedagogical system based on satisfaction of a student and his family’s requirements and taking into consideration priorities and opportunities of students with different starting possibilities;

           - forming of invalids and disabled people’s social and professional competence for realization of their potential in self-actualization and self-development;

         - creating and strengthening material and technical resources of rehabilitation and educational environment;

           - creating a special system of program-methodical guaranteeing of educational process, module;

           - dissemination of innovational methods and educational technologies among students-invalids and disabled people;

           - elaboration and realization of intergrading programs of invalids’ creative development in the system of supplementary education;

           - realization of multi-level secondary education module of disabled people « SPO – HPE»;  

             - projecting the content of education in accordance with demands of labour market.

                     Creating the system of inclusive education

Main directions

of realizing inclusive






of inclusive


- Learning of International and

federal standard acts

- Elaboration of standard-legal local acts    regulating arranging of inclusive

education in college

2 Creating social environment without barriers

- Conducting a systematic work on

creating available architectural environment

-Opening a workshop of ceramics,

a studio of batik decorative-applied


   - Equipping a hall with special sport equipment and sport-applied handicraft

   -Purchase a special bus for disabled students

3 Organizing a social-medical-psychological-pedagogical escort of disabled people

-Professional-orientation work with school-leavers in the number of invalids and with their parents

-Psychological diagnose on apparatus- program complexes with psychological relaxation

- Activity of training firms in the Resource center

-Organizing of medical psychological pedagogical escort of disabled people

- Realization of elective courses

“Steady development”, “Adaptive practical work”, “Fundamentals of effective labour arrangement”. Conducting group and individual correction lessons with a psychologist, teacher of sign language and speech teacher.

-Using innovative forms of professional-orientation work among students of comprehensive schools and unoccupied invalids

-Creating necessary conditions for invalids and disabled people’s to expand possibilities of labour arrangement

4 Organizing an educational process among disabled students

-Using information and computer technologies in educational process

-Using of electronic books

-Determining an individual educational route and adaptive educational programs in accordance with the Individual program of rehabilitation

- Elaboration of individual schedule of studies and organizing an educational process in sparing condition

- Using special equipment for persons with eye and ear defects

-Availability of special educational technical aids for collective and individual use

-Conducting individual and group consultations and correcting development lessons (teachers ,teachers of sign language and     speech teachers)

-Using special educational programs and methods of education and upbringing, special textbooks, training appliances and didactic materials

-Giving tutor and assistant’s service who render a necessary technical help to students

-Distant education

5 Professional qualification of teachers

-Systematic improvement of professional skills in different forms: courses of improving professional skills, work on probation, the first-rate work, seminars- practical works, scientific practical conferences

-General conclusion of International experience on inclusive education

-Publishing articles in collection books and periodical editions.

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